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essential oils. The beautiful luxury glass is completely reusable. A perfect gift idea that soothes and embellishes any space

STATEMENT CANDLE: Designed with a premium, natural, non-toxic wood wick, this candle gives off a soft, distinctive, crackling sound with minimal soot when burning. It has a great scent throw, offers longer burn times, cleaner burning experience and therapeutic benefits

SIZE & BURNING TIME: The candle jar measures 4” H x 3” D, net wt. 11oz , 80-90 hours burn time

PREMIUM QUALITY: If you are looking for a candle that takes your breath away, THIS IS IT! Not only is the packaging gorgeous, the vessel itself and the fragrance is breathtaking! Give yourself this gift of indulgence! This candle is packed in a premium glass vessel and tucked into our classic kraft box with a personalized label

-Sea Salt: This candle will make any room smell fresh and salty like the ocean breeze
-Eucalyptus: A herbal blend sent straight from the spa with hints of eucalyptus and clary sage
-Orange: This rich aroma has notes of sweet oranges and passion flower for a juicy infusion!
-Verbena: Vibrant and cheerful, this fresh lemon scented verbena fragrance is perfect for you!
-Cinnamon: The spice of cinnamon mingles with nutmeg and clove for a sweet and delicious scent
-Coconut: A smooth blend of vanilla and coconut cream. Best for relaxing and unwinding!


Sea Salt



Monday Moose Scented Candle


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